More Short Films to come :)

2013-04-04 22:06:46 by hopelesswonder

I was a little worried about what the general reception would be on Anti People, just based on the fact that Newgrounds is predominantly an Animation Website. My mindset led me to believe that it would surely be blammed... I am very proud to say that that wasn't the case at all, I doubt it will make front page status, but 2.9 out of 5... I'll take it :)

I've decided that I want to make a series of short films made specifically for I can't give out any plot points (as I am just in the pre-production stages), but I assure you there will be some great (and by that I mean passable) films.

On a side note, if you haven't gotten it already, you should buy a copy of Tetherball on Amazon!


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