Anti People on Newgrounds!

2013-04-03 21:17:43 by hopelesswonder

I'm excited to post my "Live Action" short film, Anti People on the portal... and I think I'm going to be doing A LOT more short films for the portal!


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2013-04-04 06:35:35 So this is your production? Very solid work!

hopelesswonder responds:

Yup :), thank you very much, I hope you enjoy my next short that I put on Newgrounds.


2013-04-04 12:18:57

Woah, it's on IMDB! Awesome.

hopelesswonder responds:

Thank you :)


2013-04-04 17:04:59

Now, you do know that Newgrounds is for animation and games, right?

The occasional 'real video' does come thru, but the score usually suffers here, because we prefer to stick to animations and games.

"Real video" is better suited for youtube. :\

hopelesswonder responds:

With all-do respect Exedor... there is also an Audio Portal and an Art Portal. I think that Newgrounds is a progressive website, with progressive users that can handle some "reality".

Cheers Mi Amigo :)