Hey Guys,

My website is currently breaking down the top 100 games of all-time, and since I made Web Games/PC games eligible for the list... I'm proud to announce that Pico and Stick RPG made the cut!

Pico was #100
Stick RPG was #97

Rick D.


Director: Darin Mangan (Anti People)
DP: John Frost(Anti People)
Writer: Rick Dawson (Me)


Josh: Kevin Covais
Scott: Tyler Sedustine
Wayne: Rick Dawson(Me Again :) )
Bre: Casting
Toshi: Casting
Rachel: Casting
Bob: Super Secret Celebrity Cameo

Podcast I was on :)

2013-04-13 21:28:13 by hopelesswonder

To all of the filmmakers/animators out there that want to know what comes after making a feature length film, here is what you get:

#1- A bunch of Fake/Phony people adding you on facebook, following you on twitter, hoping that you will use them as cast/crew in your next film.

#2- A bunch of crappy screenplay being blindly sent to your inbox. They honestly feel that a $2.5m movie is CHEAP... (fucking film schools)

#3 (one of the good ones)- You get to be a guest on awesome podcasts! A few days ago, I was on a podcast called In Da Corner, check it out :)

NewGrunts- Awesomeness

2013-04-08 14:23:42 by hopelesswonder

Well good news for you folks that enjoyed Anti People, the same director of that film (Darrin Mangan), will be directing NewGrunts :) Should make for another great project. ALSO, we have managed to lock down a TALENTED CAST...

And we're even gonna give you folks a Celebrity Cameo :)

After the (mostly) good vibes I've been getting on Anti People, I have decided to do a short film/web series pilot that is geared about the NG Universe. The title is called "NewGrunts" its the story of NG's FICTIONAL Los Angeles Office and chronicles three young interns trying to make their mark. I am excited to say that we will be filming in 2-3 weeks.

I'm calling it a PILOT... if it does well with you guys (as in you like it) I'll make more... if not, no hard feelings :)

NewGrunts- First Draft Written

I was a little worried about what the general reception would be on Anti People, just based on the fact that Newgrounds is predominantly an Animation Website. My mindset led me to believe that it would surely be blammed... I am very proud to say that that wasn't the case at all, I doubt it will make front page status, but 2.9 out of 5... I'll take it :)

I've decided that I want to make a series of short films made specifically for Newgrounds.com. I can't give out any plot points (as I am just in the pre-production stages), but I assure you there will be some great (and by that I mean passable) films.

On a side note, if you haven't gotten it already, you should buy a copy of Tetherball on Amazon!

I'm excited to post my "Live Action" short film, Anti People on the portal... and I think I'm going to be doing A LOT more short films for the portal!

A few months ago I had the privilege of doing some webisodes for Comedy Central's Atom.com... They are called House Arrest with Andy Dick... It won't let me embed them here so please check them out here.